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Bovet Dimier concert watch series

Dimier is a sub-brand of Bovet, which is also a high-end brand and is known as the watch movement manufacturer of the group. Bovet did not create Dimier, but acquired it. I have never seen Dimer watches in the United States (only in Europe), but this hat does not mean that few of them are hanging out. It is said that Bovet and Dimier watches are made in the same place and have similar values. Although the form of Dimier watches is more traditional. Unlike Bovet watches, they do not have a unique pocket watch style on the wrist. [url=]Bovet Dimier Recital 12 Monsieur R120002[/url]

Bovet and Dimier are more or less the manufacturing movement of all high-end products. Dimier watches are rare, and what I classified here are their six "Recital" watches. Will there be Dimier Recital 7? probably. I don't know the release cycle of Recital watches, but it may be released every few years.

Many watches in this series have a common set of features-including automatic winding, tourbillon and power reserve indicator. Although not all watches have these complicated functions. These special timepieces are made of precious metal cases, which are both classic and experimental, and can show traditionally precious complex functions. Although the functions and overall design are very traditional, they are decorated in avant-garde old world style. This can be seen in the style of the case and crown (with a sapphire crystal cabochon), as well as the frequent use of the "zigzag" snake-shaped hands of Bovet and Dimier. Needless to say, these watches are part of a limited edition.  [url=]Jacob & Co Astronomia Zodiac AT100.40.AC.AB.B[/url]

Do I like Dimier Recital's work? Usually it is. I think these watches give a real "old (real) money" charm. I understand that Bovet is very popular in Asia, which makes sense. Really need the right type of Westerners to decorate such works.

It is interesting to be able to review the entire collection instead of covering every watch. This way, you can really see how the collection has evolved, and how Dimier changed and improved each model.

The Dimier Recital 1 watch started it all. The movement is a 13DW01 manual winding movement with a power reserve of 8 days and a tourbillon. Functionally, it only indicates the time and has a power reserve indicator. The large case is still the smallest, with a width of 46 mm and 18k white gold or red gold and platinum. The dial is black with round polishes on it, representing the movement of this series. Interestingly, the dial was made of crystal and then turned black. why? uncertain. See the snake-shaped hand? Throughout the series, the same style of case also continues to exist. Dimier called the shape of the tourbillon cage "lotus".[url=] replica swiss watches[/url]

Dimier used Recital 2 for a more decorative decoration. The case here is still 46mm wide, but the dial and hands have changed. The blue dial is also engraved with a flame-like shape to show the movement below. The dial is made of imitation crystals and the case is 46 mm wide again – this time again in 18k rose gold or white gold or platinum. The movement is almost the same as the movement of Solo 1, but this time it is the Calibre DT7 movement with a 22k gold rotor with automatic winding. The model number of the watch is still on the dial, but Dimier wisely reduced the size of the limited edition label (a bit tacky).

With Recital 3, Dimier started something completely different. The case (available in three metals) is increased to 48 mm wide, and the actual number of dials is even reduced. However, this clever model can add a "world" second time zone indicator and selector, and keep it clear and readable. The DT7-OM automatic movement has a second time zone, which is linked to a disc with 24 time zone reference city names. The pushers on the left and right sides of the case can move the disc left and right, providing you with a sturdy travel watch. Dimier can also use Recital 3 to increase its 7-day power reserve, bringing it close to the original power reserve. There is a small power reserve indicator in the city selector dial of the dial.

Dimier Recital 4 is slightly different from the theme of the series. It uses a new type of dial decoration concept and uses a more hand-carved method. Two large hand-carved bridges are clamped on the central dial of the watch, with a unique symmetrical design. The case is 47 mm wide and is made of 18k white gold or red gold-this is the busiest of the current six models.  [url=]urwerk Replica Watches[/url]

Recital 4 designed by Dimier has the complexity of jumping time. The self-winding movement has a power reserve of 5 days. The window near the 6 o'clock position has an hour display in digital format and a small arrow around the dial to indicate the minutes. This keeps most of the dial open without using your hands. The cleanest part of the dial is the power reserve indicator, while the tourbillon returns as a secondary seconds counter.
Dimier Recital 5 has the most "open" dial in the series. It is a lovely version of the series. Compared with visual complexity, it pays more attention to visual mechanics. Similar to Concert 3, Concert 5 has an off-center dial in time, but it has the second largest time zone indicator instead of the second time zone. The width of Recital 5 has been reduced to 46mm and is now made of gold and titanium. The main case is titanium, the ears are decorated with gold coating, and the bezel, crown and back cover are gold. The movement is the 13DM02 movement, and the manual winding function has been restored, and it has a 5-day power reserve indicator. A lotus-shaped flower stand is used on the tourbillon to create a more open appearance. The focus of Concert 5 is to show off the beauty of the movement. Limited to 15 pieces, the price is 170,000 – 160,000 Swiss francs.
The latest is Dimier Recital 6, which is the first non-tourbillon version of the series. You can see that this watch is a combination of Recital 3 and Recital 5. At this time, the cheesy "Limited Edition" word was removed from the dial, but at least "Recital 6" is still available.

This practical movement has a self-winding 11BA14 movement, a 3-day power reserve and a more complex world time function. Unlike the Recital 3 watch, this watch has a day/night indicator for the second time zone. This is important, so given the time displayed in the 12-hour format, you can know the time in other time zones more accurately. The second time zone changes are the same as Solo 3. No tourbillon can make the main time longer, but I missed the power reserve indicator and wished for a date indicator. Recital 6 has the same titanium style as Recital 5 and a 46mm wide 18k gold (red or white) case.

Update: At the last minute, I had to take a look at Bovet's "Recitation 0". This is essentially Recital 7, but there is no real name. I also believe that Bovet just released it. The structure of this 18k rose gold watch is very flexible, with a highly hollow tourbillon movement, manual winding and a power reserve of one week. There is a small power reserve indicator on the dial, and the hands themselves are easy to read. Bovet really wanted to make viewing of the tourbillon easy-I think you would agree, they successfully observed how "open" the tourbillon cage is. Concert 0 also has two sizes. One is 40 mm wide and the other is 45 mm wide. Each movement has the same movement, but there is a chamfer on the lower part of the tourbillon inner shell.  [url=]Richard Mille RM 27-04 replica watches[/url]